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The Best Ways To Power A Home Through Renewable Energy

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The Best Ways To Power A Home Through Renewable Energy

How To Live A Greener Life Starting Today – Why one should consider renewable energy resources for the home.

By deciding upon the use of renewable energy for the powering of the home will allow for the anility to reduce your overall carbon footprint. This is not only going to make your home more sustainable but less expensive to power. There are many advantages to the use of a renewable energy source. In addition, renewable energy is the future of power and by switching to it now is putting you at the forefront of a massive energy transition.

The Best Ways To Power A Home Through Renewable Energy

Understanding Exactly What Renewable Energy Is

Renewable energy is a power that is generated through natural resources, like the wind, water, biomass, and of course, the sun. These forms of renewable energy resources are able to be replenished in a natural occurrence. You more than likely have heard this referred to as “green energy”, which is the process of generating energy from a renewable resource without the processing of greenhouse gases, like oil or coal. Through the elimination of traditional power sources, allows us a better opportunity to combat climate changes and create a cleaner environment.

The Best Ways To Power A Home Through Renewable Energy

Solar Power

It is possible to generate your own electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels placed upon the roof. These panels will consume the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity that can then be used to fully power your home.

These panels will generate power throughout the day, even on cloudy days. As it generates power throughout the day, it will be stored in batteries, which will be used once the sun goes down. The excess power that you do not use, can actually be sold to the national electricity grid through the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee

By generating your own electricity with the use of solar panels is going to improve your home’s sustainability, which is one of the main benefits of using solar energy. Additionally, solar panels are going to reduce your overall need for the need and help to cut your own electricity bill. In fact is is very possible to save well over £400 a year on the average electric bill. You can actually spread out the cost with a number of various ways to pay. Be sure to look over all of the advantages of using solar energy to power your home.

Renewable Electricity Supply

One of the quickest ways to ensure your home is more sustainable is to use a energy supply that is powered through the use of renewable sources.

All of the power that we are able to provide to our customers is backed up through some form of 100% renewable energy source, such as biomass, solar, and wind.

It is just not the residential home owner that is able to benefit from renewable energy resources, but the eligible small business gain gain renewable electricity when they sign a contact with us.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are simply not designed to be used on large wind farms that you might happen to see in wide open spaces. In fact, small wind turbines are available for home use, they can be installed directly on the structure or a free-standing pole. Electricity is generated as the wind turns the blades, which in turn will turn the internal turbine and create power. The Energy Saving Trust has estimated that a64KW pole-mounted turbine has the ability to save you about £250 in electricity payments and earn almost £440 yearly in SEG payments.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are renewable energy systems that will use heat from outdoors to provide you will hot water and heating, similar to how a fridge works, but in the opposite direction.

This is an environmentally-friendly option that is quite quiet while it operates and has the ability to save about £360 on a yearly basis as opposed to an oil-based system.

Biomass Systems

Biomass heating operates through the use of burning organic materials such as chips, logs, wood pellets, and hot water. There is considerably a much more of a less carbon way as compared to other fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Consider that the wood burned in this form will emit as much carbon as the tree had absorbed during the time it was growing. Additionally, a biomass system has the ability to save you over £700 on a yearly basis as compared to traditional heating systems.

Biomass plants are also able to produce a significant power source for businesses which will help them to reduce their overall carbon emissions and make a large dent in the area’s need for heat and energy generation needs.

Solar Heating

Solar energy is possible to create heat and hot water on a yearly basis. Solar heating systems use a variety of solar panels on the roof, hung from a wall, or mounted on a free-standing frame. The power that they are able to generate will heat up water that is stored in a hot water cylinder, you will typically need at least five square metres of direct sunlight for the vast majority of the day. If you plan to heat your home with solar as well, you are going to need larger panels, which will be determined by the size of your home.

Hydroelectric Systems

This form of renewable energy source will use water that is flowing on a downhill motion in order to generate electricity, this is perfect if your home is located on a river. There are a number of large scale hydroelectric power plants that are in operation, but it is possible o do this on a much smaller scale. It is possible to generate a sufficient amount of electricity for your home with a river that has a one-meter drop.

While these are all viable options for your home or business, there are others available. Additionally, there are a number of neighbourhood options available in which the community comes together to form some type of renewable energy schemes.

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