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Welcome to Heat Pump Solar Bio, where quality, good service, professionalism, expertise and experience meet. At Heat Pump Solar Bio, we specialise in creating model renewable energy sources for our clients. 
By using our products, you not only save money but you get the best in the market. Better yet, you also take pride in environmental conservation.
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We have earned a good reputation over the years for top-notch jobs. This is because we are defined by good service, professionalism, expertise and high-quality products. Here are 5 precise reasons why we are the best:
  1. Our products are of the highest quality
  2. We provide fast and reliable installation services
  3. Our prices are pocket friendly
  4. You will be helping to preserve our planet
  5. We offer servicing and maintenance as well.

Here are some of our Products and Services:

1. BioMass Boilers & Installation

Biomass Boilers

Whether you are looking for domestic or commercial renewable energy we will find the right professionals for you.

Biomass boilers provide heat energy and hot water for the entire house, but instead of utilising gas (or oil) to generate heat, they burn sustainably sourced wood pellets. Normally, the carbon dioxide emitted during the burning of wood is less than that released during the burning of fossil fuels. Therefore, using wood instead of fossil fuels helps to reduce long-term climate change.
How Does a Biomass Boiler Work?
A biomass boiler works similarly to a traditional boiler in that it burns fuel to produce heat, which is then used to heat water. However, these boilers are often much larger than their fossil-fuel-burning counterparts for a variety of reasons. First, because they are burning wood pellets rather than gas, the boiler must be big enough to accommodate the increased fuel volume.

2. Heat Pumps and Installation

Heat pumps have emerged as the new darlings of the heating industry. In fact, many countries are enacting new regulations to encourage the adoption of these systems. This is because they are beneficial for the planet and aid in the fight against climate change. One of the major advantages of heat pumps is their dependability. They are made to last indefinitely, as long as there are no uncommon leaks. Consider a heat pump as an installation that may run for years without needing to be serviced.
How Do Heat Pumps Work?
Heat pumps supply hot water and heat to your home by extracting natural warmth from the surrounding environment. Ground source, air source, and water source heat pumps are the three basic types of heat pumps. Remember, the name of the pump type refers to the source of the appliance’s heat. That said, each type operates in a slightly different manner.
Installing Heat Pump
Heat Pump Air source

3. Solar Panels & Installation

Solar Panels for UK Homes
Having solar panels installed in your home means that you get to use the free sun to produce energy in your home. That way, your electricity bills will be relatively low. Additionally, you will have power in your home at all times.
How Do Solar Panels Work
Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. The inverter then transforms the electric power to AC, making it usable in the home. The roof is the most popular site for solar PV panels to ensure that panels receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Alternatively, solar panels can also be put on the ground if roof installation is not possible or desired. All you have to do is make sure that nothing is impeding access to the sun.

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